Workshop Off the wall in het kader van RATS (12+)

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Workshop Off the wall in het kader van RATS (12+)

Are you over 12 years old, and have a passion for urban and/or contemporary dance? Then delve into this unique workshop that lets hip hop clash with contemporary dance. The choreographers take you on a trip through the different dance worlds and challenge you to learn new movements. Together, you try to surpass your own skills. This is thé opportunity to push your boundaries.

Koen Horsten 
 aka ‘Little’, started to breakdance in 2005. He took his first dancing steps in Bornem, where there was hardly any breakdance scene at the time. Curious as ever, he traveled through different cities and learned a lot from several b-boys. His dancing and teaching style was partly determined by those different influences. Training in physical education and management inspired him to develop a proper structure and organization for his teaching. Since 2010 Little travels internationally to take part in battles with his Local Legendz crew (Raw Circles, Unbreakable, Eurobattle, Soul on Top, Hip Hop Connection, Duelo en el Desierto and LCB). Next to that, he is a member of the organization committee of Straatrijk and BURn Leuven (DansBAar, Unbreakable, Half Oogst).

Jenna Jalonen, the adult dancer in the performance RATS, started doing gymnastics at a young age, but eventually she went for classical ballet. At the age of ten, she started at the National Ballet School in Helsinki, and in 2011 she graduated as a ballerina at the Hungarian Dance Academy in Budapest. She stayed in Budapest for four years, engaging in contemporary dance. Now, she lives in Brussels. For Jenna, integrating the most diverse forms of movement in her work is a natural thing to do: from acrobacy to parkour, from martial arts to partner work. As a freelance dancer and choreographer, she works for several international companies like Theater  Bremen/Unusual Symptoms and Notch Company/Oriane Varak.

STUK Ensemblezaal
Wed 22 Nov 201714:00 - 17:00

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Language: Dutch & English
Experience with urban or contemporary dance required

Workshop linked to the performance RATS

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