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Zimmerman + Tommigun



The members of Balthazar are ‘on a break’. They don’t use this pause to sit back and relax, but to focus on more music with their solo projects. After Maarten Devoldere’s Warhaus and Jinte Deprez’ J. Bernardt comes Zimmerman, the solo project of bassplayer Simon Casier.
‘It’s a pity that Bob Dylan doesn’t use his real name Zimmerman, so I’ll use him.’ Simon says. November 25th is the release date of his first album Afterglow, an autobiographical album about the ending of one relationship and the start of another. Simon puts away his bass and steps into the role of the singer this time. As you can hear, he doesn’t hide his admiration for The Strokes.

Wooden Son
(9000 Records) is the third album of Brussels band Tommigun and sounds a lot more dark and adventurous than the previous record. The first two albums felt like an emotional clash between the two lead singers, Kaat Arnaert and Thomas Devos. These new songs are inspired by Thomas’ record collection of prison worksongs, chants and blues singers.

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