Below are the films in Cinema ZED-STUK, since 11 Januari 2017 one of three rooms of Cinema ZED. 
The other two rooms can be found in Cinema ZED-Vesalius, on the new Vesalius site. 


Omer Fast
11 Oct 2017 - 13 Dec 2017

'The appendix is a strange organ. No discernible purpose or use. Living off the system. Just like a parasite. Don’t you agree? For the most part, it’s harmless. But as you know, it can occasionally inflame and endanger the whole organism.

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Het Monsterlijke Hertenbos

Chantal de Wolde
Sat 28, Sun 29, Mon 30 & Tue 31 Oct 17 . 10:00 - 18:00

Fierce trees, prickly bushes, mini mountains and rideable deers ... Visual artist Chantal de Wolde invictes young and old to get lost in her wonderfully colourful deer forest.

Eet je stekels op!

Boîte à Clous en HETPALEIS
Mon 30 & Tue 31 Oct 17 . 15:00

Léopold is sent to the countryside for a breath of fresh air. He ends up at Mamie Ronce's place, an old lady who hates children and lives alone with her dog.

Every Sunday at 21:00

22.10 & 29.10 Jazz dj

A jazz dj selects and plays some fine jazzy tunes...

05.11 Teun Verbruggen trio 

Sun 29 Oct 17 . 14:30 - 18:30

Cake, coffee and a special playlist for young and old, that has to be 

PARTY [6 - 10]

Alfredo Zinola & Maxwell McCarthy
Sat 28 & Sun 29 Oct 17 . 15:00

We’re having a party and you’re invited!


tout petit / Lies Cuyvers & Ciska Vanhoyland
Sa 28 & Su 29 Oct 17

licht! is a performance in which light itself begins to dance.


Mette Edvardsen
Wed 25 & Thu 26 Oct 17 . 20:30

In 2016 Norwegian Mette Edvardsen received the prestigious Ibsen prize for We to be, the fina

Mer- [sold out]

ECCE / Etienne Guilloteau & Claire Croizé
Wed 25 Oct 17 . 20:00

The notion ‘finitude’, or the fleeting nature of life, is a key ingredient in the work of

Lecture about Sad Music and Happy Dance

Shila Anaraki, Aisha Orazbayeva & Matthew Shlomowitz
Sat 21 Oct 17 . 11:30

What do you experience during a dance performance? Does the music excite or upset you?

dance • premiere • transit
Tue 17 Oct 17 . 20:00

Performances by Wen Chin Fu, Yuri Landman, Mariska de Groot and Jo Caimo

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Sat 14 Oct 17 . 11:00 - 15:30

Straatrijk considers urban culture to be a fully-fledged art form and focuses on urban dance. They have an original approach to events, workshops and training and recently they even resorted to artistic creation.

Urban Dance Platform

STUK i.s.m. Straatrijk
Sat 14 Oct 17 . 14:00 - 2:00

Urban and contemporary dance increasingly meet despite the many barriers between them.

Fri 13 Oct 17 . 20:00

20:00 doors
20:15 Mount Soon
21:15 Micah P. Hinson

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Shown and Told

Meg Stuart & Tim Etchells
Wed 11 & Thu 12 Oct 17 . 20:30

Like boarded up windows, like stone steps, like the sound of voices


Alexander Vantournhout & Bauke Lievens
Tu 10 & We 11 Oct 17

Two bodies meet one another. One body is active and takes the initiative, the other is a lifeless object. Together they dance a forced duet.

Lecture Sustainable city development

Leo Van Broeck, Vlaams Bouwmeester
Mon 9 Oct 17 . 20:00

All too often, building in a climate neutral way is seen as a matter of materials and techniques.


Peeping Tom
Thu 5 & Fri 6 Oct 17 . 20:00

As soon as the curtain is raised you are drawn into an uncertain world. Have we arrived at a funeral or a re-enactment of one in a recording studio? Who is the mother?

Thu 5 Oct 17 . 20:00

20:00  doors
20:15  Shht
21:20  Gruppo di Pawlowski

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Imagine Moving Rocks

Katrien Oosterlinck
We 27 - Fr 29 Sep & Tu 3 - Th 5 Oct 17

Working with life-size game situations, Ka


Below are the films in Cinema ZED-STUK, since 11 Januari 2017 one of three rooms of Cinema ZED. 
The other two rooms can be found in Cinema ZED-Vesalius, on the new Vesalius site.