Wed 30 May 18 . 20:00

Join us for the presentation evening of the new season’s dance programme. Our dance programmer Charlotte Vandevyver will guide you through our brand new brochure with extra (video) imagery and personal tips to help you map out your itinerary for the coming season.

Tue 29 May 18 . 20:30

Love, beauty, poetry and David Bowie are at the heart of EVOL.

Every Sunday at 21:00

18.3 Leuven Jazz: Emie R Roussel trio


25.3 Leuven Jazz: STUK invites LUCA Jazz

Tue 22, Wed 23, Thu 24 & Fri 25 May 18 . 20:00

Maybe it’s a cabaret of questions with no answers
Maybe it’s all about ‘you’
Maybe you should come alone
Maybe you’ll find your true love at the end

Wed 23 & Thu 24 May 18 . 20:30

In 2015 Vera Tussing premiered at STUK with The palm of your hand. It became a signature work whereby, in a disarming manner and with ‘touch’ as a guide, she had audiences up on their feet dancing.

Thu 24 May 18 . 20:00

This lecture is held in Dutch. 

Wed 23 May 18 . 15:00 - 17:00

In her choreographies, Claire Croizé investigates the body's relation to music, silence and the emotions they evoke.

Tue 15 & Wed 16 May 18 . 20:30

The brand new DANCE ON ENSEMBLE invites internationally renowned choreographers to get to grips with the experience, charisma and dramatic power of top dancers from the past.

Wed 16 May 18 . 15:00 - 18:30

In the symposium Moving Movement: Dance and Transmission we want to explore how dance today survives and even anticipates its after-life in rapidly developing transmedial and digital environments.

Wed 16 May 18 . 19:00

Sold out

elsewhere • sound • music
Tue 8, Wed 9 & Thu 10 May 18 . 20:30

June 1968. At the festival d’Avignon, the famous New York actor’s group The Living Theatre attend the premiere of Paradise Now. The actors want to draw the audience into a state of readiness – ready for action in the world outside the theatre.

Wed 9 May 18 . 16:00 - 19:00

Colonial Archive Fever explores different modes of storing and transmitting knowledge in the (post-) colonial context.

Tue 8 May 18 . 20:00

Singer-songwriter Scott Matthew was born in Queensland, Australia, but currently resides in New York.

sound • music
Thu 3 May 18 . 20:30

The moon is the moon is the moon is a dance trio that deepens your experience of dance. Rather than being immediately bombarded with virtuosity you are instead first introduced to the different building blocks of the trio.

28 Mar - 27 May 2018

Traces is not only a theatre of animated matter, but of cultural references in motion – dynamic and quirky, but more often idling, aimless and melancholic. If the town plays itself, it is moody.
Andreas Schlaegel

expo • image
28 March - 6 May

In their exhibition in STUK percussionist Rubén Orio and photographer/painter Lore Stessel investigate their common fascination for wood. As a material, wood is omnipresent in our daily life.

expo • image • STUKcafé

Below are the films in Cinema ZED-STUK, since 11 Januari 2017 one of three rooms of Cinema ZED. 
The other two rooms can be found in Cinema ZED-Vesalius, on the new Vesalius site.