11 Oct 2017 - 13 Dec 2017

'The appendix is a strange organ. No discernible purpose or use. Living off the system. Just like a parasite. Don’t you agree? For the most part, it’s harmless. But as you know, it can occasionally inflame and endanger the whole organism.

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9 Nov - 17 Dec

Cas-co and STUK are proud to announce a new collaboration concerning the presentation of young artists. Indeed, from November 9th onwards, the work of Cas-co residents (N+1 & STUDIO) will be on view in STUKcafé in a series of curated solo presentations.

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Wed 22 Nov 17 . 20:00

Based on a number of short stories from Maile Meloy’s Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It, American filmmaker Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women portrays the intersecting lives of four independent women (Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart and Lily Gladstone).

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Tue 5 Dec 17 . 20:00

Yuko presents their fourth album, Cher Ami. It is something special: a performance combined with animation films based on a true story about three iconic animals: the dog Stubby, baboon Jackie and the elephant Jenny, who all fought together at the battlefront during World War I.

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Wed 13 Dec 17 . 20:00

In Farrebique Georges Rouquier depicts the everyday life of a family of French farmers following the rhythm of the different seasons.

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wo 27 - vr 29 sep . 19:00 & 21:00

inhale, and bring your attention to all the particulate matter landing on your alveoles ... exhale and let go of your cognitive dissonance…

Wed 27, Thu 28 & Fri 29 Sep 17 . 14:00 - 23:00

I was only 8 months old when all hell broke loose in West Eurasia. Well actually that makes 15 human years for a cat, so perhaps I wasn’t that young. 
excerpt from Kitty AI Speaks

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Wed 28, Thu 29 & Fri 30 Sep 16, Wed 12 Oct 16, Thu 19 Jan 17, Sun 14 May 17 . 15:00

All conversations during this project will be in Dutch. 

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12 May - 2 July

Touching the void between the hyper-rational and the irrational.

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Wed 10 May 17 . 20:00

In the presence of and in conversation with director Sarah Vanhee

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Thu 4 May 17 . 20:00

Can artistic engagement with global inequality bring sustainable growth?


Wed 19 Apr 17 . 20:00

In the presence of and in conversation with director Susana de Sousa Dias

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18 - 23 april 2017
an installation and a book by David Bergé
presenting Marc Vanrunxt

What Remains Is Future is an installation and a book by artist David Bergé responding to the archive choreograph

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30 Mar 2017 – 28 May 2017

During this MOVING IMAGE EXPO, STUK is delighted to present the work of visual artist Joachim Koester.

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Tue 21 Mar 17 . 20:00

We regret to inform you that the upcoming AUDITORIUM double lecture by the renowned architect Peter Eisenman and artist Pieterjan Ginckels, scheduled for Tuesday 21.03 in STUK, is canceled. Peter Eisenman (USA) ca

24 FEB – 3 MAA 2017

Sans lumière, je ne suis rien
Et la lumière fut
, in Le Vif, 40, 7 oktober 2016

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Wed 1 Mar 17 . 20:00

In the presence of and in conversation with director Patrick Keiller.

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Thu 23 Feb 17 . 20:00

Which price is architecture willing to pay in the search of an ideal society?

Fri 16 Dec 16 . 16:30

The organisation and the jury have announced the list of nominees for the Young Art Critic Prize 2016:

Sébastien Hendrickx
Julia Mullié
Brenda Tempelaar

Laurie Cluitmans
Nele Wynants
Sophia Zürcher

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di 13 dec

Radical / Light is a project for a film based on the eponymous dance performance by choreographer Salva Sanchis. Robbrecht Desmet departed from the creation process of the piece for the conception of his film.

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Wed 30 Nov 16 . 20:00

What can informal urban processes and bottom-up dynamics imagine for the city?

Sat 26 Nov 16 . 16:00

Oikos Magazine celebrates its 20th birthday. For two decades, Oikos has built a lively network of citizens who passionately care about the future of Earth and the world we are building on it. And what better way to celebrate than by giving the ecological debate an extra boot?

Wed 23 Nov 16 . 16:00

On 24 November, Spinoza's birth date, the leading British-Ghanaian philosopher and writer Kwame Anthony Appiah (1955) receives the 2016 edition of the biennial Spinozalens in Amsterdam.

Thu 3, Fri 4, Sat 5 & Sun 6 Nov 16 . 14:00 - 18:00

In Virtual Ground we invite you to hold a small mirroring instrument under your eyes and walk around.

Thu 3, Fri 4, Sat 5 & Sun 6 Nov 16 . 14:00 - 18:00

Digital native or not? The interactive hopping game of tBEDRIJF and HANGAAR stimulates young and old to take part in a game of hotscotch.

Thu 27 Oct 16 . 20:00

How can a broader understanding of the public realm transcend the scope of architecture?

Wed 26 Oct 16 . 20:00

Ham Chunsu (Jung Jaeyoung) is an art-film director who has come to Suwon for a screening of one of his movies. He meets Yoon Heejung (Kim Minhee), a fledgling artist. She’s never seen any of his films but knows he’s famous; he’d like to see her paintings and then go for sushi and soju.

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Thu 13 Oct 16 . 20:00

The postponed Auditorium lecture by PATRIK SCHUMACHER, which was planned for 24 March, will now be held on Thursday 13 October 2016, at 20:00 at STUK.

12 Oct – 11 Dec 2016

In this MOVING IMAGE EXPO, STUK is delighted to present the work of visual artist Emre Hüner.

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Wed 28, Thu 29 & Fri 30 Sep 16 . 19:00

A film screening/performance with children, for adults.
In collaboration with Artforum 

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