clubSTUK Mind Warp invites: Robert Bergman, Nosedrip, Exalt

clubSTUK Mind Warp invites: Robert Bergman, Nosedrip, Exalt

clubSTUK celebrates 7 years Mind Warp! Expect lots of house / disco / italo / 80ies / ... 

R O B E R T B E R G M A N 

Robert Bergman used to be the kid that wouldn’t leave the record store – so the record store offered him a job. Young master Bergman started collecting insane amounts of music and analog gear, basically making noise you want to love. 
Tucked away from leery crowds, his clandestine taste can be heard at intimate spaces with great sound systems alike, and is a mixture of straight-up realness. Spurred on by the success of his first anonymous vinyl only releases on various classified but cult labels, Robert is steadily making his way into a prosperous future. Watch out for his new Brew imprint, distributed by Rush Hour.

Watch Robert Bergman live at Dekmantel x Boiler Room: 

N O S E D R I P 

Ziggy Devriendt is a Belgian DJ known as Nosedrip. He has a focussed aesthetic that is all about dark music, heavy moods and enchanting trance vibes “that brings people to an early grave with a smile.” He has his own show on NTS and STROOM (also check out the STROOM label!) that often gets wonderfully weird and freaky as it touches on post punk, new wave, synth and psych, as well as many occult sounds in between.

Dekmantel podcast with Nosedrip: 

E X A L T 

Leuven's favourite dj-duo, diggers, record collectors, founders of Mind Warp and STUK regular DJ's. These guys need no introduction, they prefer Duvel. 


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