Faits et gestes

Noé Soulier
do 26 apr 18 . 20:30

Faits et gestes behandelt verschillende functies van beweging.

Auditorium 17/18 Act VI: Make

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT (ES)
do 26 apr 18 . 20:00

For us, making models is to continue the tradition of making things with your hands. We also like to solve issues three-dimensionally and work directly with different materials and textures. We like building things slowly, layer by layer.

Ottone, Ottone/1991

Walter Verdin & Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
do 19, do 26 & za 28 apr 18 . 20:00

Cinema Zed en STUK presenteren voor de gelegenheid van Dag van de Dans de dansfilm OttoneOttone / 1991 van de Leuvense kunstenaar Walter Verdin en Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.