do 15 feb 18 . 20:00

The End of Sitting is social because it invites us to a negotiation of context; it makes us reconsider our routine behaviours and makes us ask “What is it that we are up to here?” It is design because in the negotiation it offers us new perspectives

ma 19 feb 18 . 19:30 - 21:30

Als onderdeel van Artefact 2018: This Rare Earth - Stories from Below verzorgt Prof. dr.

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ma 19 feb 18 . 19:00

In This Rare Earth - Stories from Below presenteert Justin Bennett Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains, een uitgebreide multimediale installatie dat het verhaal vertelt over het diepste boorgat ter wereld: het 12km die

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wo 21 feb 18 . 9:30 - 18:00

Transitioning to a low-carbon economy.
The Social License to Operate for Mining and Recycling of Critical Metals

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do 22 feb 18 . 20:00

For the NDSM project we initially started a think tank inviting a diverse group such as developers, architects, artists, squatters. We came together and started to think of alternative development strategies for cities.

do 8 mrt 18 . 20:00

Style, then, rather than pertaining to something external to a building, manifests itself as the cluster of affects which make up that building and which determine how people experience it − both aesthetically and in their everyday activities.

do 26 apr 18 . 20:00

For us, making models is to continue the tradition of making things with your hands. We also like to solve issues three-dimensionally and work directly with different materials and textures. We like building things slowly, layer by layer.

do 24 mei 18 . 20:00

Exacte wetenschappers laten hun licht schijnen op de diepste spirituele vragen waarmee de mens zich geconfronteerd ziet. Is er een maker, is er zin, is er een plan, is er leven na(ast) het ondermaanse?


do 30 nov 17 . 20:00

Using unstable media the multi-talented group members have truly become masters of the unexpected.

do 9 nov 17 . 20:00

Today’s increased complexity and entropy requires different spaces, organised around collaboration, co-learning, and synthesis. Insulated disciplinary typologies can be replaced by loose frameworks, compartmentalising to parts while remaining linked to a whole.

ma 6 nov 17 . 20:00

Peer-to-Peer als basis van een transitie naar een op commons gebaseerde samenleving

ma 9 okt 17 . 20:00

Al te vaak verstaan we klimaatneutraal bouwen als louter een kwestie van materialen en technieken.