STUK visit : practical info

WELCOME BACK! That is our first and most important message, because we are delighted to open our doors again. Please find some practical arrangements below, in accordance with the current federal rules regarding the fight against COVID.


• STUK START 2021 is a Covid Safe Event. In order to gain access to STUK, you need three things: your Covid Safe Ticket (with a QR code we can scan, either digital or printed), a proof of identification (ID card, passport or driver's licence), and of course your entry ticket for STUK START. You can find all info about the Covid Safe Tickets via this link.

• There will be no discussion about the Covid Safe Ticket : no CST and ID = no entry. Don't forget your entry ticket either; invitation mails, letters, ... do not suffice, we need a STUK ticket (digital or paper) with a QR or barcode we can scan. Once you are inside, you don't have to wear face masks or keep your distance from others - and dancing is allowed!

• You can enter STUK only via Naamsestraat, on the level of STUK Reception (so take the big outside stairs). The bike parking in front of the building is unavailable - you can park your bike on the parking Van Dalecollege, Naamsestraat 80. The Schapenstraat entrance is closed - you can use the bike parking there, but you'll have to walk around the block to enter STUK.

IN = IN & OUT = OUT. Once you leave the building, you cannot enter again.

• Luckily, you won't be hungry or thirsty, because there will be two bars (in STUKcafé and on the Courtyard) and a food stand. You can only pay for drinks with tokens which you can buy at STUK Reception (cash or bank card - no Payconiq). You can pay for food directly at the food stand - cash or Payconiq on Thursday, cash or Bancontact on Friday.

• In a couple of rooms for concerts, performances, ... the capacity is limited. Once a room is full, you might have to wait a bit before you can enter. If you want to be really sure you can attend a specific performance, please go to STUK Reception at 19:00. On both days, we will hand out tickets for certain performances with limited capacity - first come, first served.

You can find the timing for both days right above. All info on the programme can be found on our website and in the facebook event. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask one of our colleagues in STUK, or mail us at


For events with a capacity above 200 people, such as STUK START, we will work with Covid Safe Tickets. In order to enter the venue, you will need your entry ticket plus two extras: a valid Covid Safe Ticket** and your identity card. Please have both ready upon arrival, to allow a fluid entry of the venues. You cannot enter without both the CST and your identity card.

You can request your CST digitally with the CovidSafeBE app or via websites like Mijn Burgerprofiel and Those two websites also allow you to request a paper version of the CST. Bear in mind that this will be sent by post, so it could take up to a week before you receive your paper CST. There will be no rapid antigen tests at the door.

STUK only scans your CST to check, no health info will be shared with STUK. Our crew will see no personal data apart from your name, date of birth and QR code, and no personal data will be stored, only checked.

** You can get a CST if one of these apply:

• You have your vaccination certificate: you have been fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks;
• You have a recovery certificate of max. 6 months old;
• You have taken a PCR test with a negative result: validity = day of the test + 2 days;
• You have taken a rapid antigen test by medically trained professionals, with a negative result: validity = day of the test + 1 day. STUK does not organise rapid antigen tests at the door.


For all further practical info, we await the publication of the ministerial decree following the recent consultation committee of August 20.