STUK re-opens bit by bit

We've had to miss you for such a long time, but after months without performances, packed capacity venues and cosy STUKcafé nights, there is a bit of hope - finally. From 8 May onwards, we start re-opening some doors again, of course with respect to the government protocols and restrictions linked to the COVID virus.

In May, we will have our first concerts and performances in months - with limited capacity and in open air, on STUK's lovely Courtyard. The exhibitions continue, such as the Showcase Emerging Sound. And in June, there is the postponed festival Artefact : Wired for Empathy, and if all goes well, the return of indoor performances, concerts and movies - more info soon.

The rest of the STUK building will stay closed a bit longer: STUKcafé won't re-open before June 1st, room rents and the use of rehearsal pavilions won't return until August. Behind the scenes, our artistic residencies continue - following the COVID protocols, of course - in order to support our artists where we can.

What happens after that? We don't know. We'll follow the evolution of the virus and the related government decisions, and communicate when we can about what will happen.

In the meantime, more than ever: stay safe, and take care.

The STUK team

Cancelled performances

28 & 29.10 Granvat / Bert & Stijn Cools
30.10 INUIT presenteert Peenoise
5 - 8.11 Rode Hond
9.11 De Spreekbeurt
10 & 11.11 Straatrijk & Collective Dope / Jenna Jalonen
13.11 Film concert Ghost Tropic
19 - 22.11 Playground Festival
10.12 Voetvolk / Lisbeth Gruwez & Claire Chevallier
11.12 Kali Malone & Razen
16 - 18.12 Rosas / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker