Rehearsal rooms / Darkroom

STUK beschikt over een donkere kamer voor analoge fotografie, en enkele kleine repetitiepaviljoenen voor piano, zang, drum, ... (geen dans).


STUK has three soundproof rehearsal pavilions of 9 m². The pavilions are suitable for music rehearsals, not for dance rehearsals. Pavilion 1 contains a drum kit - bring your own sticks. Pavilion 2 is empty, pavilion 5 has a piano. There is no storage space for material or instruments. Using the pavilion is free of charge, but a valid STUK card or Culture Card KU Leuven is required. You can rent a pavilion for slots of maximum 2 hours during the opening hours of STUK Reception. You can check availability of the Pavilions via this link, bookings can be made 1 week in advance, by phone (016 320 300), e-mail (ticket[at] or at STUK Reception.


STUK has an equipped darkroom for analogue photography. It contains 2 magnifiers, for both 35mm and medium format. There are enough chemical baths for processing, a sink, funnels and measuring cups, as well as development coils and material to dry your photos. What you need to bring yourself: light-sensitive paper, developer, fixator and other products. You can rent the darkroom free of charge for sessions of 4 hours, but you do require a valid STUK card or KU Leuven Culture Card. Bookings can be made by phone (016 320 300), e-mail (ticket[at] or at STUK Reception.