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Art of Sound #5 : iMax Edition

Fifth edition of Art of Sound with experimental music and multimedia performances by students from SLAC/Conservatorium Leuven.

In collaboration with SLAC/Conservatorium

Happy birthday Art of Sound! For the fifth edition of our annual showing of SLAC/Conservatory Leuven, Jasper Vanpaemel’s creative atelier is joined by Frankie De Kuyffer’s trumpet ensemble and Thaïs Stabel’s contemporary dance class, and pupils of the new specialisation in theatre and flute led by Jan Bollen en Toon Fret. Together, they bring a multidisciplinary performance focusing on light and shadow play. An encounter of disciplines, performed in front of, on and behind a gigantic projection screen (iMax), on the border of art and technology.

Fri 8 Feb 2019 20:00


STUK Labozaal