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STUK wants to hear U!

The 23-24 season is all about connection between audience, art and artists. With two brand-new projects, we create a custom-made public relations programme for every art lover, whether you’re a silent enjoyer or a future art critic. Discover what project fits you best.


  • for everyone
  • 1 to 2x per month (no strings attached)
  • NL / ENG

Become a part of the beating heart of STUK. Give feedback to our artists in residence and get (free) front row seats for performances, even before the premiere.

Are you interested in dance, performance, music and sound art? Would you like to get up close and personal with an artist and their creative process? Would you like to meet young talent and household names in the art world? Based on your personal experience, you give constructive feedback to the artists. Pulse is open to everyone, regardless of studies, experience or age.


  • Students & young professionals
  • 1x per month
  • NL / ENG

Do you dream of a career in the arts? Louvain Vague creates a space for encounters between tomorrow’s artists, critics, curators and event organizers.

Together we visit shows, exhibitions, concerts and performances at STUK. We enter into a dialogue with established artists, creators, curators and reviewers. We create a space for investigative conversations about art. Step by step we build a first network within the arts sector.