Do you want tickets for at least 5 different performances)? Click the red season ticket button below - your ticket season reduction will be calculated automatically.
Attention : the season ticket button is the only way to get the season ticket reduction.

Do you want individual tickets voor less than 5 different performances? Scroll to the individual pages of the performances you need, and buy tickets via the ticket link.
You won't get the season ticket reduction - even if you choose 5 performances or more, the system won't calculate your season ticket reduction via the individual performance pages, only via the ticket season button below.

Pro tip if you don't need a season ticket: buy a STUK card! It costs 8 euro, and gives a 4 euro reduction on just about everything STUK organises - so it's payed back after just two performances! If you want to use a STUK card immediately, but the STUK card first via this link and finish the transaction. You'll receive an e-mail with the STUK card reduction code, which you can then use to buy tickets at a reduced price.

Do you have questions? Let us know at !