Room rents

STUK has several rooms that can be rented separately or together for private and public activities. In recent years, they have been used for conventions, lectures, debates, presentations, staff activities and receptions. All rooms are accommodated with wireless internet and basic furniture. Additional tables and chairs can be rented through STUK. Unless indicated otherwise, the rooms do not have technical facilities.
Contact: Margaux Janssens 016 320 300 or zaalverhuur[at]

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all room rents in STUK have been stopped until the end of August 2020.


All drinks and catering are ordered through STUKcafé, offering several options for coffee buffets, sandwich lunches, buffet catering and receptions. The rental prices mentioned are for a period of 4 hours, excluding 21% VAT.

For activities organized by organizations that are officially linked to the KU Leuven, we offer a discount rate.

For activities organized by faculties and services of the KU Leuven, the reservation has to go through or tel + 32 16 32 21 18


This room, full of character, with a parquet floor and a lovely view of Leuven, is perfectly suited for meetings, debates, presentations, for up to 100 people (seated). It can also be used for receptions for a maximum of 180 people (standing).

Rent prices:

Session 4 hours€250
Session 8 hours€400
Session 12 hours€600


This unique auditorium dates from early 20th century and has a typical semicircular form and 350 original wooden benches. The auditorium is still used as a classroom but can be rented for lectures, presentations, ... It is equipped with a sound installation consisting of 2 microphones and a multimedia projector with projection screen and can be darkened completely.

Session 4 hours€250
Session 8 hours€400
Session 12 hours€600


This room's surface (ca. 210 m²) is divided in 3 levels, creating a capacity of 200 people. The room is mainly used for rehearsals of university ensembles. A polyvalent rehearsal room, it can also be rented for small concerts, workshops, break out sessions and all sorts of cultural activities. The room is not equipped with a sound installation.

Session 4 hours€250
Session 8 hours€400
Session 12 hours€600


On a limited number of occasions, STUKcafé can be rented for private events. This is possible outside the regular season: the first weekend of September, the last 3 weekends of June and the entire month of August. During the opening hours of STUKcafé, any kind of reception can be organized (birthday drink, baby shower, ...). However, STUKcafé stays accessible for the public. Feel free to take a virtual tour through our café.

contact: Margaux Janssens ( or 016 320 335



The Soetezaal is a modern theatre hall (flat floor theatre) with a 12 x 12 m stage and a fixed stand for 221 people. The hall is ideal for theatre and dance performances, seated concerts and lectures. Due to a the busy occupation during the season, the hall is available very irregularly and applications are handled four months before the activity or later. The rental price is €1.500 (excluding 21% VAT). The price includes technical assitance by 1 professional technician (max. 10 work hours) and use of basic technical material.
Contact: Margaux Janssens, 016 320 300 or zaalverhuur[at]


Cinema ZED - STUK

The very cosy Cinema ZED - STUK, finished with fake leather acoustic panels and red velvet cinema chairs, can accomodate 96 visitors and is equipped with a full surround sound system, a control room with state of the art projectors and several connections for laptops, sound sources, ... Cinema ZED-STUK can be rented out until 17:00 for private viewings, presentations, training sessions, debates, big screen gaming, ... Renting the space after 17:00 is not possible because of the start of Cinema ZED's public showings.

The standard rent rate is €300 (excl. VAT) per 4 hour slot. Extra working hours of the projectionist (editing, work during the screening, ...) is invoiced at €35 per hour, excl. VAT.

For all inquiries, please contact Margaux Janssens via via of 016 320 300.


STUK has 3 sound-proof rehearsal pavilions, each 9 m². The pavilions are suited for music rehearsals, not for dance rehearsals. Pavilion 1 has a drum kit (bring your own sticks), pavilion 2 is empty, pavilion 5 has a piano. There is no storage space for material or instruments. The use of pavilions is free of charge, but a valid STUK card or KU Leuven Culture Card is required. You can rent a pavilion for 2 hours max during the opening hours of STUK Reception, maximum 1 week in advance. You can check availability per month below, reservations go via STUK Reception: 016 320 300, ticket[at] or in person at the Reception.

In order to limit the spread of the corona virus, the rehearsal Pavilions cannot be used until at least July 26.


STUK has an equipped darkroom for analogue photography. It contains 2 magnifiers, for both 35mm and medium format. There are enough chemical baths for processing, a sink, funnels and measuring cups, as well as development coils and material to dry your photos. What you need to bring yourself: light-sensitive paper, developer, fixator and other products. You can rent the darkroom free of charge for sessions of 4 hours, but you do require a valid STUK card or KU Leuven Culture Card. Bookings can be made by phone (016 320 300), e-mail (ticket[at] or at STUK Reception.

In order to limit the spread of the corona virus, the darkroom cannot be used until at least July 26.