Mission statement

STUK is an international arts centre that takes care of artists and audience across generations, brings them together and looks for an active relation between both. STUK is a House for Dance, Image and Sound where experience, encounters and dialogue are key. Driven by expertise, curiosity and an open view of the world, STUK wants to stimulate talent development and renewal within contemporary dance, visual and audiovisual arts, sound art and adventurous music. STUK creates connections with education, science, heritage and youth work. That way we help create a wide base for the arts, as a motor for different ways of thinking within society.


The main focus of STUK's engagement are art, artists and audience. STUK's open view is reflected in the diverse voices in our programme, the stories they tell, the themes we choose, the lectures we organise, the space we create. Just like our artists and audience, we look at the world with a hesitant and investigative attitude. In terms of our own voice, we deliberately choose for an implicit approach. The explicit is optional, the implicit is a necessity.

In the coming years, STUK keeps working on the arts centre of the future. We reinforce the support for individual artists by extending the residency working and the business support. Polyphony is a guiding principle in the programme and creates bridges with new audiences. Diversity and inclusion, sustainability, fair practice and fair pay are shared values and goals throughout the organisation.