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Dance   /   Performance
Mooni Van Tichel


Four dancers move in stop-motion to a fixed beat. Like immortal superheroes, they endlessly engage in a cycle of attacking, defending, wiping sweat, and reloading. Seemingly effortlessly, they continue to build their imagined super-bodies and super-narratives. Yet, slowly, small cracks begin to appear in their grand gestures. Are they ready to change the world? Or are they themselves trapped in a system with no way out?

In her first group performance, Mooni Van Tichel raises questions about desire, violence, power, glory, pain, and vulnerability. Who has the right to defend themselves? Who can be violent without repercussions? And what violence is made (in)visible? Inspired by virtuosic bodies, science fiction, and the literature of Octavia Butler and Elsa Dorlin, the choreographer explores utopian and dystopian worldviews for our future.


Concept & creation Mooni Van Tichel Performance Costa Tombroff, Eli Mathieu Bustos, Manon Kanjinga Janssen, Mooni Van Tichel Artistic assistant Antoine Dupuy Larbre Light Niels Runderkamp Costumes Stefan Kartchev Sound Gizem Karaosmanoğlu Production management Riet Meeus Production workspacebrussels (Brussels) Coproduction Kunstencentrum BUDA (Courtrai), KAAP (Bruges/Ostend), workspacebrussels (Brussels) Residencies A Two Dogs Company (Brussels), CAMPO (Ghent), c o r s o (Berchem), KAAP (Bruges), Kunstencentrum BUDA (Courtrai), STUK (Leuven), workspacebrussels (Brussels) Supported by the Flemish Community

Thu 3 Oct 2024 20:30
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