The icons you'll find on our performance pages explain how different locations in STUK can be reached by wheelchair users (independently or with assistance), whether a venue offers seats (with or without backrest) and/or standing-room, and whether an induction loop or audio description are provided. Do you have any questions about our accessibility? Don't hesitate to ask us via

Verduidelijking bij onze toegankelijkheidsiconen

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair users can access the venue independently.

Wheelchair accessible plus

Wheelchair users can access the venue with assistance of a STUK colleague.

Seats with backrest

Seats (like in the tribune of Soetezaal) or chairs.

Seats without backrest

Stools or pillows on the floor.


Induction loop

People who are deaf or hard of hearing can use their hearing aid to listen to a performance's sound directly, without ambient noise.

Audio description