Mark Kockelkorn

Pale Blue Crew

A recent message from the UN was crystal clear: we have 12 years left to fight global warming. That message hit Marc Kockelkorn, father of two sons, quite hard. What was in his power to make people aware of the huge urgency? So he thought of creating positive branding for the earth. A logo. Inspiration came from the 'overview effect', experienced by astronauts who look at the earth from space. They cannot help the emotional urge to cherish and protect the small light blue globe. Can we transfer that powerful and healing overview effect?

By showing the vulnerable light blue globe everywhere, Kockelkorn wants to wake us. Take your responsibility for the wonderful vessel that is the earth. The place that people, animals and plants share needs our solidarity and engagement, more than ever. #palebluecrew

This project is part of the annual exhibition by Labo Leuven - experimental arts platform (26 April - 5 May).

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Wed 24 Apr 2019 0:00 - Wed 8 May 2019


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