Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods

Cancelled: Solos and duets

To limit the spread of the corona virus, STUK cancels all planned performances, concerts and public events until April 19 2020. STUK follows the measures announced by the federal government.


All tickets will be refunded - ticket buyers will be contacted directly where possible.

In Solos and duets, Golden Lion winner Meg Stuart and Damaged Goods offer you a unique insight into their work. Stuart, who made an international breakthrough during Klapstuk in Leuven, bundles some of her most unusual solos and duets into one show (Signs of Affection, In amável), including fragments from evening-filling performances (No One is Watching, Built to Last, UNTIL OUR HEARTS STOP). What starts as a risky dance piece with motorcycle helmets and stilts, ends in a playful duet that examines the borders of social contact and intimacy. Accompanied by electronics, percussion and a dark punk band, this performance evolves from melancholy to a sense of clarity. Solos and duets offers a spectrum from a controversial oeuvre, at once abstract and recognisable, modest and energetic, and that continues to grow, live and transform.

Photos © Eva Würdinger

Concept and choreography: Meg Stuart
Created and performed by: Vânia Rovisco & Márcio Kerber Canabarro
Costumes: Jean-Paul Lespagnard
Live music: Les Trucs (Charlotte Simon & Toben Piel)

oh yeah huh (uit ‘No One is Watching’)
Choreography: Meg Stuart
Dance: Claire Vivianne Sobottke
Original perfomer: Meg Stuart
Sound design: Vincent Malstaf

Dust (uit ‘Built to last’)
Choreography: Meg Stuart
Created and performed by: Maria F. Scaroni

Signs of Affection
Choreography: Meg Stuart
Dance: Márcio Kerber Canabarro
Original performer: Meg Stuart
Music: Brendan Dougherty
Live drums: Marc Lohr

Choreography: Meg Stuart
Created and performed by: Maria F. Scaroni & Claire Vivianne Sobottke
Original music: Paul Lemp & Marc Lohr
Live music: Toben Piel & Marc Lohr

Tue 24 Mar 2020 20:30


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