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Zoë Demoustier

Unfolding an Archive

In the frame of Focus new generation*.

This performance can be combined with Sooirée d’Etudes by Cassiel Gaube in STUK Soetezaal at 21:00

* With Focus new generation, STUK wants to offer a stage to young dance makers and choreographers. During three evenings you can come and taste their most recent work. Discover now the names of tomorrow.

In Unfolding an Archive, Zoë Demoustier unravels the image archive of her father, Daniel Demoustier, from 20 years of war reporting. Her quest for a relationship to images of world events she grew up with is like a journey that zooms in and out. Her reconstruction attempts to bring the archive to life. She makes a critical intervention by dismantling the mechanisms hidden behind the images her father captured. Gradually, a choreography develops, consisting of poses and gestures in a broken timeline of physical memories set to the sounds of the archive.


Choreography and performance Zoë Demoustier | Live sound Willem Lenaerts | Sound concept Willem Lenaerts & Rint Mennes | Light design Harry Cole | Video and audio archive Daniel Demoustier | Dramaturgy Elowise Vandenbroecke | Coaching Danielle van Vree | Interview & editing Yelena Schmitz | Design & costume Annemie Boonen | Research Annemie Boonen & Willem Lenaerts | Light & technical support Gilles Pollak | With the support of Stad Leuven, 30CC, Platform In De Maak | Residencies STUK, Ultima Vez, Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Voetvolk Atelier Rubigny
Wed 6 Oct 2021 20:00
Thu 7 Oct 2021 20:00


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