PZAZZ o.l.v. Pieter T'Jonck

Workshop performance kritiek Playground

We are looking for participants for this workshop performance critique (in Dutch).
All info via this link.

www.pzazz.theater regularly posts articles about the performing arts and helps novice reviewers master the art of criticism. During Playground, a workshop will focus on performance art: a maverick in the art world that has acquired a permanent place in both theatres and museums but is still difficult to define. How do you talk about this and formulate a critique? We discuss this question with performance artist Zhana Ivanova and critic Pieter T’Jonck. The participants will open their discussion to the public, and the results will be posted on the website.

Thu 11 Nov 2021 20:00 - Sat 13 Nov 2021 22:00



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