Anna Biczók - TRILATERAL - 100 Years of Central/Eastern European Women

TRILATERAL is part of a cycle of performances by Anna Biczók that deals with the personal and collective archive of the body as an imprint of its family heritage and socio-cultural environment.
The creation deals with personal imprints of three women from Central and Eastern Europe and translates their particular sociocultural conditioning into embodied movement practices of identity. Being of Russian and Hungarian origin, Anna’s identity incorporates gender role conditions from two different cultures. Her perspective is widened by the cast’s identity perspectives - Hungarian, Austrian, Russian and German - having many meeting points and intersections due to their geographical closeness and shared history.
TRILATERAL aims to embody, sense and visualise a century of working class women on a subjective and intuitive level. Questioning the partly socialist past, its conditioning and its aesthetic effect, it looks for these traces through their lives today, their bodies that hold these memories and shape their present and future.

Residency in Les Brigittines, Brussel.

Friday 4.3 open showing!

On Friday 4 March we open the doors of Les Brigittines for PULSE, our participation project where you can discover our residents' new work before it premieres, and give feedback in an open talk with the artists. Sounds like fun? You can register via the link below (registration is required due to the limited capacity), and we hope to see you Friday March 4 at 15:00 in the Chapel of Les Brigittines in Brussels.

Anna Biczók is a dance artist, performer and choreographer based in Budapest, Hungary.
As a dancer she has worked with HODWORKS, The Symptoms, bigNotwendigkeit, Timothy and the Things. In her own works she explores inner sensations, body-mind states and fantasies. She looks at the body as an archive of all these elements, searches for possibilities of translating them into movement, then finding words again to express the somatic experience.
Building from narratives of personal identity that are embedded in the collective, Biczók draws inspiration from her Eastern European heritage and way of living. Her strong connection to texts, to literature and to languages has a deep impact on her work. Anna Biczók combines abstraction of movement and theatricality with playfulness and humour.


Artistic direction: Anna Biczók
Performance: Adél Juhász, Karin Pauer, Sasha Portyannikova
Sound: Rozi Mákó
Set Design: Bori Mákó
Light Design: Kata Dézsi
Coproduction: Trafó Budapest, STUK Leuven in the frame of Life Long BurningWith the support of: the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities, SÍN Arts Centre, Workshop Foundation in the frame of Life Long BurningLife Long Burning is cofinanced by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union