Zoë Demoustier / Le Carrousel & Bronks

Beating Choir / Choeur Battant

Presentation 30CC

Six performers, coming from different families, cities, countries, continents, are on stage. Their youth is what binds them. They zoom in. They zoom out. They turn the gaze inwards. They look outwards. They contradict each other. They reinforce each other. They are the ambassadors of their generation. Being young, they look for vulnerability and strength through movement and interaction. Hopeful and combative. Propelled, supported and carried by the soundscape of dozens of voices of other young people around the world, woven into a universal tapestry of sound.


choreography & direction Zoë Demoustier (BE) | artistic coaching Marie-Eve Huot (CA) | performers Romain Accoe (BE), Aurélie Brassard (CA), Lahja Demoustier (BE), Oumi Niang (BE), Maura Tepperman (CA), Mathieu Thibodeau (CA) | costumes Ange Blédja (CA) | music Willem Lenaerts, Pepijn Leenders (BE) | light Martin Sirois (CA) | artistic advice Amber Goethals (BE) | repetitor Marie-Gabrielle Ménard (CA) | audio & diction advice Simon Labelle-Ouimet (CA) | audio editor voices & interviews Yelena Schmitz (BE) | research & interviews Annemie Boonen, Creative in Solitude (BE) | interviews Romane Van Damme (BE) | transcription Romane Van Damme, Ineke Wambeke, Annemie Boonen (BE) | Beating Choir / Chœur battant is a co-creation of Le Carrousel, compagnie de théâtre (Montréal, Canada) and BRONKS
Sun 19 Nov 2023 19:00


  • Dirk Boutslaan 62
  • 3000 Leuven


€ 14/10


12 - 112