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Alex Reynolds

Esta Puerta, Esta Ventana

Spanish filmmaker and visual artist Alex Reynolds presents in STUK her recent work Esta puerta, esta ventana [This Door, this Window]. In this short film, dancer Alma Söderberg and musician Nilo Nilo Gallego create an intense duet investigating the boundaries of the individual in a relation. Where do ‘I’ end and does ‘we’ begin? How can we live together with our personal rhythms? How do we influence, steer or manipulate each other? How do we find or lose each other?

Alex Reynolds
(1978, Bilbao)

Alex Reynolds

is a Spanish visual artist and filmmaker. In her practice she consistently investigates how cinematic structures affect or are embodied by the viewer through empathy, point of view, or rhythm. Her work has been shown at galleries, art centres and film festivals around the globe. Reynolds is a professor in MA in Fine Arts at KASK, Ghent. She lives and works in Brussels and Berlin.

This Door, This Window sits somewhere between portraiture and sonic performance, the result of fantasizing with a calculated –and perverse– use of sound and rhythm in order to consciously invade, connect, and alter the body. Exploring and exploiting the confusion between listening and memory, the film reflects on the theme of cohabitation through sound, thinking of living together as a matter of listening and of negotiating rhythms, earworms and boundaries when there are no doors or windows to keep out sound, or inversely, anything may serve as door or window.

- Anna Manubens

After the film, Alma Söderberg presents her solo Deep Etude in de STUK Soetezaal. A strong performance in which she continues to investigate the possibilities of polyrhythm or the simultaneous existence and overlapping of different rhythms, supported and pushed forward by the electronic sounds of sound artist LeChat W. DeHendrik.


Esta Puerta, Esta Ventana [This Door, This Window] | HD | 36' | 2017 | With Alma Söderberg, Nilo Gallego | Image Tim Sidell | Sound Laszlo Umbreit | Editor Alex Reynolds | Production Anna Manubens | Language Spanish (English subtitles)
Thu 4 Oct 2018 19:15






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