Marc Vanrunxt / Kunst/Werk

Freie Form

Freie Form, after Franz West's amorphous sculpture of the same name, raises questions such as: what is free? What is form and what is free form? Does it exist and is there such a thing as formlessness in nature, in life, in art?

Marc Vanrunxt joins forces with dancer Samantha van Wissen (Rosas, Thomas Hauert) in a dance piece about different generations of dancers, dance identities and energy.

Who is a dancer, who choreographs and 'thinks' the dance and where do the two come together? Where does the choreographer draw the dance and where does the dancer?

Mezzo-soprano Els Mondelaers joins the stage and ventures into pieces for voice by Morton Feldman, songs by Yoko Ono and a grief song or two.


choreography Marc Vanrunxt in close collaboration with the dancers | dance Samantha van WissenIgor Shyshko | choreographic intervention Igor Shyshko | soundtrack and song Els Mondelaers | light and technical realisation Stef Alleweireldt | outside input Peter Savel | costumes from the archives of Kunst/Werk | production Kunst/Werk | co-production STUK Leuven, Perpodium | with the support of the Flemish Government | The collaboration with Bosse Provoost and Ezra Veldhuis is adjourned because of the birth of their daughter
Thu 25 Jan 2024 20:30


STUK Soetezaal


€ 18/14