Sonja Jokiniemi


The latest work by Finnish choreographer Sonja Jokiniemi is a performance and exhibition rolled into one. Through the mergence of bodies from painting, sculpture and live performance, Howl explores a love that transcends the simply human. According to Donna Haraway’s famous Cyborg Manifesto, a person is always a combination of organism and machine. If we look to relationships and intimacy, it is therefore only logical that we also look at inanimate matter.

Howl consists of several short pieces, conceived as moving paintings referring to Jokiniemi’s drawings. Sounds touch each other, textures start to speak. As a duo with dancer Maija Karhunen, the choreographer searches for a new language through the unfolding of multisensory bodies. Howl forms a part of Life Long Burning, a project from Creative Europe for contemporary dance.

Foto's © Tomas Uyttendaele


Choreography & visual work Sonja Jokiniemi | Performance Maija Karhunen and Sonja Jokiniemi | Light & set design Heikki Paasonen | Sound design Natalia Dominguez Rangel | Dramaturgical advice Elina Minn | Production management Riikka Thitz | Co-production Buda, Kiasma Theatre (Helsinki), STUK & Life Long Burning
Thu 5 Dec 20:30


STUK Studio


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