Human Ecology-Ongehoord!: klimaatvluchteling/ klimaatontheemde/ klimaatling

Migration and climate change, two separate stories?
Not at all.

Every year, climate change forces millions of people on the run. Especially in the Global South, the changing climate causes natural disasters, tropical storms, dry spells and floods. Survival becomes tough, fleeing often the only way out.

Avoiding we-vs-them, we look for a climate where we don't focus on migration itself, but the deeper lying causes.
And climate, possibly more than any other reason, often is the main instigator of migration.

In this edition of Human Ecology Lien Vandamme (11.11.11), Wim Schrever (Climaxi vzw) & Tine Hens (MO* Magazine) debate.
Wat are the facts and numbers? Where are the difficulties?
Wim Schrever presents his book with testimonies of people on the run for a changing climate, and brings a couple of witnesses along.

Organisation: Oikos, Masereelfonds, Climaxi, Centrum voor Economische Ongehoorzaamheid CEO i.s.m. STUK

Mon 25 Nov 2019 20:00


STUK Auditorium



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