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Hyena Hyena

Hyena (1985) was one of Marc Vanrunxt's first performances. 'Hyena Hyena is a reference to the 80s vibe with pop groups like Duran Duran, Talk Talk and theatre collective Dito'Dito. The choreography is about my past, but it is not a remake or nostalgia,' says Vanrunxt.

In Hyena Hyena, the collaboration and exchange with the three dancers, more than ever, is paramount. Together with Igor Shyshko, Robson Ledesma and Nathan Ooms, Vanrunxt aims to lay out a soft and clear composition in time and space. In Hyena Hyena you can distinguish four different atmospheres, four rooms, four moments. The only important task is to always stay in the moment, in the here and now.

It’s all hidden in their moving bodies,
the hidden language of their souls,
it’s partly the language that they don’t want to show to us,
to whom they are so exposed.

– Martha Graham


choreography Marc Vanrunxt in close collaboration with the dancers | dance Robson Ledesma, Nathan Ooms, Igor Shyshko | soundtrack ‘A piece of names’ by Els Mondelaers, mixing & mastering by Dyane Donck | outside input Peter Savel | light & technical realisation Stef Alleweireldt | costumes styling Marc Vanrunxt | costumes gloves Cisse Royens after a design by Rafael Stesmans from 1989 | production Kunst/Werk | with the support of STUK Leuven, c o r s o Berchem
Thu 7 Dec 2023 20:30


STUK Soetezaal


€ 16/12