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INUIT x STUKcafé: Bombataz + Sergeant

INUIT and STUK splash into the Belgian underground pond with a (free) double bill of wicked future-funk and lo-fi pop.

STUK and Leuven-based concert organiser INUIT join forces for a crunchy Belgian double bill in STUKcafé: Bombataz & Sergeant. Bombataz, from Brussels, are the next big thing in the Belgian future jazz scene. Funky grooves, sticky eighties pop, virtuoso jazz licks and a healthy dose of humour are key elements of their first EP ¡Kapao!, released February 2019. First single Frankenstein sounds like Pomrad wearing a Van Halen wig. The support comes from Sergeant, the brand new project of musician and theater maker Ferre Marnef (Soldier's Heart, Glints). He funks up the Belgian underground sound with reformed loops and dreamy vocals.

Mon 1 Apr 2019 20:30





Extra info

20:30 Sergeant
21:30 Bombataz
free, limited capacity