Sofie De Backere
Seppe Baeyens


In INVITED everyone can take to the stage. With dance as a shared language, choreographer Seppe Baeyens wants to create a community of cast and audience within just one hour. Supported by three musicians, Baeyens allows this multi-generational group to let loose an unstoppable whirlwind. An essential part of this performance is ROPE, a 65-metre-long connecting snake created by artist Ief Spincemaille. The scenography connects and divides, becomes visible and invisible, and leads audiences and performers through a collectively written choreography. For a moment, we see a glimpse of a community without prejudice, where everyone can be themself in a liberating experience.


direction & choreography Seppe Baeyens | created with Emile Van Puymbroeck, Luke De Bolle, Chisom Onyebueke Chinaedu, Leonie Van Begin, Rosa Boateng, Oihana Azpillaga, Ischa Beernaert, Esther Motvanya, Roel Faes, Trui De Mulder, Adnane Lamarti, Seppe Baeyens, Frank Brichau, Stephan Verlinden, Elisabeth Wolfs & Leon Gyselynck | dramaturgy Kristin Rogghe | original live music Stef Heeren, Kwinten Mordijck & Karen Willems | scenography & light design Ief Spincemaille | costumes Lieve Meeussen | movement assistant German Jauregui | artistic advice Wim Vandekeybus | techical coordination Tom De With | production Seppe Baeyens / Ultima Vez | co-production Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg (Brussel) | with support by tax shelter maatregel van de belgische federale overheid, casa kafka pictures tax shelter empowered by belfius. de scenografie is geïnspireerd op de installatie ‘rope - possibilities of binding’ in opdracht van n.o.w ondersteund door extrapole, fabbrica europa, indisciplinarte, latitudes contemporaines, lókal, mom/el vivero, trafó, wpzimmer. n.o.w werd medegefinancierd door het creative europe program van de europese unie | ultima vez is supported by De vlaamse regering & de vlaamse gemeenschapscommissie van het brussels hoofdstedelijk gewest
Tue 21 May 2019 20:30
Wed 22 May 2019 19:00


STUK Soetezaal


€14 standard
€10 reduction


For everyone aged 7 and above