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Joshua Serafin - Miss / Promis3 / Burenhinder • Studio STUK

A Filipino beauty contest, futuristic hyper-pop and afterparty with all female rave collective: STUK celebrates queer arts with a colourful multidisciplinary evening

➤ Thu 6.10 - 19:30 (doors)
➤ Studio Manhattan - Adres: Kolonel Begaultlaan 21, Leuven
➤ €10


19:30 doors + bar
20:00 Luke Fowler - Patrick (video screening)
20:30 Joshua Serafin - Miss (dance/performance)
21:45 Promis3 (concert)
22:30 Burenhinder: instar x waltur / special guest: Stella K (dj)
01:00 end

+ onging video installation: Luke Fowler - Patrick

Please note: Joshua Serafin - Miss will be with closed doors. Be on time, latecomers will not be allowed to enter.


With 15 winners, the Philippines remains the powerhouse in international beauty contests of all kinds. Queen Philippines is also the largest and most prestigious contest for transgender women. In Miss, Filipino-born Joshua Serafin, unveils the politics, culture and practices behind the queer beauty industry. Zooming in on the strict regimes and choreographies of the industry, Serafin casts a critical eye on the codes of performativity typical of the transgender beauty contests of the Philippines, ‘where queerness explodes any fixed categorisation of femininity and fantasy’. Serafin based this work on interviews with a number of regional queens. In this way he unravels not only the mechanisms behind these contests but also the religious and colonial influences that can still be felt today.


Belgian duo Promis3 is rising like a rocket. Their catchy mix of futuristic cyberpop, mind-blowing production skills and anime style has already built up a steady fan base. The chemistry between Andras and Brent creates dazzling live shows packed with energy. They get inspiration from game soundtracks, euphoric euro pop, shiny Japanise anime and 00s stadium trance. Single Future Funeral hit like an earthquake, just like their interpretation of Eiffel 65's euro classic Blue. Promis3 release their music on their own label and agency Simulated Paradise.


The afterparty is curated by all female rave collective Burenhinder. They started in 2021 as a multidisciplinary platform where female artists (djs, visual artists, ...) could network and grow safely. Burenhinder tackles themes such as gender inequality and transgressive behaviour in the club scene, fighting the stigma that feminine equals sweet and soft. How that sounds, you ask? High BPMs, distorted kicks, wicked rhythms. For this night, Burenhinder founders Instar and Waltur will go b2b, and they invite guest dj Stella K.


Throughout the evening you will find the film Patrick of Scottish artist and musician Luke Fowler in the screening room. This 21’ posthumous portrait of music producer Patrick Cowley submerges you in the postindustrial charms of San Francisco’s now-gentrified South of Market district, once famous for its dance clubs and leather bars. Carefully composed using recorded images and sounds, papers and notes, artworks, spaces of importance, and testimonies of friends, the film searches for Cowley’s still-lingering energy.

Studio STUK
Dance, Image & Sound in the iconic Manhattan
with De Hoorn

➤ GETTING THERE: The Manhattan is situated next to the Vaart Leuven-Mechelen. / On foot : 20 min from Leuven train station / By bike: Cycle highway F8 and F3 / Public transport: Take the Outer ring road bus (line 600) and get of at stop Engels Plein / By car : parking Vaartkom.

➤ ACCESSIBILITY: The venue is accessible for wheelchair users. The regular sanitary facilities are accessible by elevator. Unfortunately, there is no accessible toilet.

➤ STUDIO CAFÉ: Our café opens at 19:30. Come early, stay late.

➤ SAFER SPACE: Studio STUK aims to be an inclusive space for everyone. We take every form of intimidation seriously. Don't hesitate to talk to a STUK colleague or a person behind the bar.

Credits Joshua Serafin - MISS


choreography & performance Josh Serafin | sound design Marc Appart | dramaturgy Kopano Maroga & Arco Renz | artistic advice Rasa Alksnyte | lighting design Fudetani Ryoya | production Josh Serafin & Arts Centre Vooruit | co-production LOD muziektheater, BIT Teatergarasjen & Taipei Performing Arts Centre | residencies Bellas Artes Projects (Manila), Queer Zagreb (Croatia), Beursschowburg (BE), Zinnema (BE)
Thu 6 Oct 2022 19:30


  • Kolonel Begaultlaan 21
  • 3012 Leuven



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