Danaé Bosman

ON- (6+)

STUK with 30CC

Two dancers discover each other's long, short, wide, narrow, infinite body parts. Illogical shapes emerge and take on an inhuman appearance. Disentanglements create impossible movements.

There is no more beginning or end. From the invisible to the visible. From the existing to the non-existent.

ON- is a visual dance performance where physical bodies create the most absurd, fantasised forms. Let yourself be tantalised by a visual and musical trip that will blow everyone away. Together with a (young) audience, choreographer Danaé Bosman explores her own fascination for the imperfect body for the first time.


Th 26.10.23 13:30
Fr 27.10.23 13:30

This performance is part of the 17th edition of Rode Hond, a festival for families organised by 30CC. During four days of the fall holiday, you can discover theatre, film, workshops, dance, musical, circus, expo, literature and lots more. You can find the full programme on the Rode Hond website.


Concept & choreography Danaé Bosman | Dance Miguel Do Vale and Sander Deckx | Music Linde Carrijn | Advice Mira Bryssinck and Marc Maillard | Movement advice Karolien Verlinden | Dramaturgy Liesbeth De Clercq | Costumes and scenography Elise Goedgezelschap and Leentje Kerremans | Light design Klaas Trekker | Co-production Theater Froefroe | In collaboration with hetpaleis
Sat 28 Oct 2023 16:00
Sun 29 Oct 2023 15:00


STUK Soetezaal


€ 10




Wordless performance