Clara Hermans
fABULEUS /  Michiel Vandevelde

Paradise Now (1968-2018)

Together with thirteen youngsters, choreographer Michiel Vandevelde examines the legacy of May ’68. What happened to the values and ideals of the sixties? How do young people view history and their future?

The starting point for this piece is the legendary performance Paradise Now (1968) by The Living Theatre company from New York. Inspired by spiritual texts, they tried to entice the audience to take action by taking them on a four-hour ecstatic trip.

Can you still think about the future in a world perilously threatened by climate change? How does one revolt now that the digital revolution has taken over public debate? When thirteen young people scan 50 years of history in a wild choreography of iconic images, new perspectives may open up.


choreography Michiel Vandevelde | performers Zulaa Antheunis, Sarah Bekambo, Jarko Bosmans, Bavo Buys, Wara Chavarria, Judith Engelen, Abigail Gypens, Lore Mertens, Anton Rys, Margot Timmermans, Bo Van Meervenne, Esra Verboven & Aron Wouters | assistant choreography Zoë Demoustier | dramaturgy Kristof Van Baarle | costumes Lila John | feedback Esther Severi & Dries Douibi | production fABULEUS | co-production STUK
Wed 17 Oct 2018 20:30
Thu 18 Oct 2018 20:30


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