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Dance   /   Performance
Joshua Serafin


Three Filipino women at different stages of their trans-ness, create contemporary rituals for queer bodies. They want to decolonise themselves and question the heteronormative cultural and historical ideologies once implemented by the West. Before that, thinking about identity in pre-colonial Philippines was much more fluid and non-binary. Pearls wants to be a healing ritual but to heal, the performers must first acknowledge all the pain and trauma. They transform those very painful and dark stories into something beautiful, just like pearls formed as a defence mechanism in shellfish. Each time, they cover their own abrasive particles with a shiny coating, until a pearl emerges.

Aftershow Georgy Chtchevaev
STUKcafé (free)

After Joshua's performance, we welcome you for a free aftershow in STUKcafé. Georgy Chtchevaev brings a collection of songs about the experience of love in a queer body and mind.


Concept Joshua Serafin | Performance Joshua Serafin, Lukresia Quismondo & Bunny Cadag | Sound Pablo Lilienfeld | Scenography RV | Light Ryoya Fudetani | Costumes Katrien Baetslé | Video Federico Vladimir Strate Pezdirc | Artistic assistance Rasa Alksnyte | Theory & poetry Jaya Jacobo | Outside eye Arco Renz | Co-production VIERNULVIER (BE), BIT Teatergarasjen (NO), HAU Hebbel Am Ufer (DE), beursschouwburg (BE), STUK (BE), WpZimmer & C- TAKT (BE), Theater Rotterdam (NL) | With the support of Flemish Community, Flemish Community Commission | Residencies Emerging Islands
Thu 7 Mar 2024 20:30


STUK Soetezaal


€ 20/16

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This performance may contain explicit content