Igor Shyshko & Tale Dolven


Inspired by an encounter with a person with the Guillain-Barré syndrome - a disorder of the nervous system affecting the general muscle function of the body - dancers Igor Shyshko and Tale Dolven (ao Rosas) explore instability and limitation of movement. They support, guide and take care of each other. Visual artist Katleen Vinck creates an intervention in space based on the idea of asymmetry. Simple objects function as an obstacle and as a framework for the movement of the dancers. The result is a physical performance with a whimsical movement language reminiscent of the characters of the Russian absurdist poet Daniil Kharms: somewhere between the possible and the impossible.

After the performance, you can also attend Georgia Vardarou's new performance Why should it be more desirable for green fireballs to exist than not? at 20:30 in STUK Soetezaal.


choreography & dance Igor Shyshko & Tale Dolven | scenography Katleen Vinck | dramaturgy Sara Jansen | costume design Heide Vanderieck | sound design Gabel Eiben | lighting design Caroline Mathieu | artistic advice Marc Vanrunxt | music Stine Janvin, Stian Westerhus, Nine Inch Nails | production Kunst/Werk | residencies STUK, workspacebrussels, Tou Scene, Rosas | with the support of Norwegian Cultural Council
Tue 26 Nov 2019 19:15


STUK Studio


FREE with reservation