Igor Shyshko & Tale Dolven - Precarryus

Precarryus is a collaboration between dancers Tale Dolven and Igor Shyshko.

The project has two starting ideas: investigating the movement capacities of patients with the Guillain-Barré syndrome, and incorporating the poetry of Russian absurdist writer Daniil Kharms. Our topic of interest is an exploration of instability and limitation in movement. Exploring instability shifts the balance point in the body and creates asymmetry, giving association to characters from Kharms’ literature, bridging the two subjects. The project is produced by kunst/werk and is supported by STUK.

Tale Dolven and Igor Shyshko are both former Rosas colleagues, having worked together at Rosas for more then 10 years. This is their first collaboration outside of the company.

Tale also works with Nature Theatre of Oklahoma and Fieldworks, and has previously worked with choreographers like Kris Verdonck, Benjamin Vandewalle and Charlotte Vanden Eynde. She works in close relation with actor Gabel Eiben, making work focusing on the use of movements and text in combination.

Igor works in collaboration with Kunst/Werk , Mark Vanrunxt. He also worked with Arco Renz , Michel Noire, and created his own work together with Moya Michael