Lore Stessel – Veta © Lore Stessel
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Showcase Emerging Sound 2019

Meet the next generation of Belgium-based sound artists.

STUK, Q-O2 and Musica present a sample of new Belgian sound art. Four performances by young makers are presented in a parcours through the STUK building. This showcase shows the diversity of the Belgian sound landscape, from audiovisual creation over live radio work to spatial music, meant as a little push for the next generation of sound artists.

The four selected works were all created in 2018. Improviser and sound dreamer Lukas De Clerck plays with surprise and the invisible in his theatrical performance Abruit, with an organic sound construction built around the tree on STUK’s inner courtyard. The collaboration between percussionist Rubén Orio and photographer/painter Lore Stessel is based on their shared fascination for wood. They investigate the sound and tactile qualities of wood by touching it, walking on it, and playing with it. A different, more radiophonic approach comes from Brussels-based Swiss artist Jonathan Frigeri. His hybrid performance Matter of Radio tells an occult history of radio via light, language, sound and actions. Finally, Soma by film maker Oona Libens floats between expanded cinema, electro-acoustic composition and pre-cinematographic magic tricks.



19:45 doors
20:00 start performances (STUK Verbeeckzaal)
Lore Stessel & Rubén Martinez Orio - Veta
Jonathan Frigeri - Matter of Radio
Oona Libens - Soma
Lukas De Clerck - Abruit (performance met Dries Peeters)
22:00 free reception in STUKcafé

+ expo Sound in May: Floris Van Hoof & Rie Nakajima: 18:00-22:00 (Labozaal + white stairwell)

Thu 16 May 2019 19:45


STUK Verbeeckzaal



Reservation required via this link

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