Alma Söderberg / Cullberg (SE)

The Listeners

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In The Listeners, choreographer Alma Söderberg continues her exploration of the relationship between dance and music with nine dancers from the renowned Swedish dance company Cullberg. Using voice, rhythm and movement, polyrhythm and polyphony, the dancers explore the relationship between listening and moving.

In a performance like a concert - in the sense that it encourages listening - space and bodies are played like instruments. The dance becomes an instrument to describe the sound, and the sound becomes an instrument to describe the dance. Thus, they are intertwined in a composition rich in layers of perception.

Alma Söderberg showed her performances on the most important European stages and festivals. After mostly solos and creations for small ensembles, The Listeners is her first collaboration with Swedish contemporary dance company Cullberg, where she was associate artist from 2019 to 2022. Her dance practice is all about the connection between language, voice, rhythm and movement. Poetic precision, sensual sensitivity, subtle humour and implicit social engagement characterise her work. -


choreography Alma Söderberg in collaboration with the dancers | sound design Dehendrik Lechat Willekens | dance 9 Cullberg dancers | dance and song created by Anand Bolder, Anna Fitoussi, Camille Prieux, Eleanor Campbell, Freddy Houndekindo, Johanna Tengan, Katie Jacobson, Mohamed Y. Shika, Noam Segal | costume design Behnaz Aram | light design Pol Matthé | dramaturgy Igor Dobričić | artistic advice Anja Röttgerkamp | repetitor Thomas Zamolo | production Cullberg | co-production Norrlandsoperan (Umeå), PACT Zollverein (Essen), Hellerau - European Centre for the Arts (Dresden)
Wed 21 Feb 2024 20:00




€ 30/26 (tier 1)
€ 26/22 (tier 2)