Jeremiah Day ft. Joanna Bland, Fred Dewey and Youth for Climate

The Opposite of Fatalism

What motivates people to resist, to switch to action? In his installations, lectures, videos and performances, Jeremiah Day investigates such engagement, and brings together testimonies from past and present in a space of story-telling and critical reflection. Joanne Bland, as an 11-year-old girl, joined the Martin Luther King in the fight for equal rights in Selma Alabama and has played a crucial role in preserving the memory of that struggle. Fred Dewey set up Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles and his “Polis For New Conditions” theorizes principles of noncooperation. In Belgium, the youth revolt grew last year with the demand for a better climate policy, and are represented by Gilles Vandaele.

Sun 17 Nov 2019 16:30


M Leuven