Gastón Core

The Very Last Northern White Rhino

With the utmost aesthetic simplicity, this choreographic solo, inspired by different styles of urban and African dance, questions the very possibility of happiness in the face of the world’s chaos.

When the New York Times journalist Sam Anderson learnt about the death of the last male northern white rhinoceros, he took a flight to Kenya to observe and narrate in detail the daily lives of the last two female representatives of this species. The image of these animals in ignorance of their species’ fate gave the reporter a sense of peace, at a time of global uncertainty.

With the dancer Ouloy, Gastón Core presents dance as excess, as a celebration derived from life. Dance to exhaustion, dance to the end because maybe there is nothing more that can be done.


Concept & choreography Gastón Core | Performed by Oulouy | Collaboration in composition Aina Alegre | Photo & Videomaker Alice Brazzit | Music Jorge da Rocha | Lights and technical care Ivan Cascon | Styling Eva Bernal | Promotion & Management Haizea Arrizabalaga | Co-produced by Sala Hiroshima & Festival GREC of Barcelona with the support of Centre Cívic Barceloneta
Thu 29 Feb 2024 20:30


STUK Soetezaal


€ 16/12