Daniel Linehan/Hiatus

Showing Vita Activa

What do ‘time’ and ‘work’ mean to us? How will we deal with work in the future? Can’t we work less and spend more time with each other? These questions are at the root of Vita Activa, a workshop in which Daniel Linehan invites 40 people into a studio for a week, to work on themes such as ‘time’ and ‘work’. Linehan sees this workshop as a reflection on the nature and function of work in our society. Linehan defines people who have time – like the unemployed - as something positive: an available person. Linehan’s intention is to blur the boundaries between different types of work. Ironing, writing, gardening or dancing: in Linehan’s world they are all equal. The participants share their time, knowledge and experience with each other for six days. This way they create a story about a different economy, in which we exchange time instead of money. The showing gives the audience a unique view of the reflections on work and time through the eyes of the 40 participants.

Thu 24 Sep 2015 19:00


STUK Soetezaal


Free (reservation required via TICKET@STUK.BE or 016 320 320)

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This performance is part of STUK START, our free opening festival.