Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Cynthia Loemij / Rosas

Vocabularium — CANCELLED

STUK with 30CC


Unfortunately, Rosas has to cancel the performance for personal reasons. There will be no new date for this performance. All tickets will be refunded automatically, ticket holders will be contacted directly. Do you have questions or remarks? Please mail us at We apologise for the inconvenience.

VOCABULARIUM is a solo for dancer Cynthia Loemij, who has been a dancer with Rosas dancer for over 30 years. As the daughter of a Dutch mother and an Indonesian father, she explores Indonesia’s colonial history. The starting points of her journey are David Van Reybrouck’s book Revolusi as well as the writings of her great-grandmother Jannetje Visser-Roosendaal. She wrote more than fifty novels, including Tot in den Dood (Until Death), which in 1941 was considered Resistance Literature and confiscated. The colonial history of Indonesia and its struggle for independence are part of Cynthia Loemij’s personal story. The solo explores this colonial history and how established power structures shape the current response to the climate crisis, in effect colonising the future.

Cynthia Loemij started her trajectory with Rosas in 1991. Throughout the years she has danced in 35 different Rosas productions. One could say that she embodies the history of the company. Combining text and movement, we discover how these different layers of histories and memories are intertwined in the dancer’s body.


Choreography Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Created with and danced by Cynthia Loemij | Rehearsal director Fumiyo Ikeda | Production Rosas
Wed 1 May 2024 20:30
Thu 2 May 2024 20:30
Fri 3 May 2024 20:30


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