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David Hernandez has been studying the fundamental relationship between music and movement for years. His performances are a form of non-verbal communication for conveying, to the public, emotions and stories. In VOX, voice plays a central role for the first time in his work, and he invites the Brussels sound artist and producer Zoë McPherson to experiment with live recordings of the dancers’ voices and breathing. She edits this source material into a hypnotic electronic composition indebted to trance and polyrhythm. Croatian Zdravka Kirigin’s scenography takes prominence. She creates a landscape from obstructions and obstacles. Three dancers use their ultimate inventiveness to transform, while moving, the light and sound and to interact with an ever-changing environment.

Januari 14 we host a free open rehearsal of VOX.


choreography David Hernandez | scenography Zdravka Kirigin | sound Zoë Mcpherson | costume assistance Ana Fucijaš | light Yvan De Meyer | dance Anna Kempin, Colas Lucot, Marie Viennot | production Cacao Bleu vzw | in co-production with C-TAKT (B) and CCN Tours / direction Thomas Lebrun (FR) | with financial support from Flanders State of the Art | with the support of STUK House for Image, Dance & Sound (B), Mediterranean Dance Center (HR), CocoonDance (DE), and Kosmonaut Production (B) | Thank you to KVS Brussels (B) and Moya Michael
Wed 16 Jan 2019 20:30
Thu 17 Jan 2019 20:30


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January 14: free open rehearsal of VOX