Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe & Laurens Mariën - Spectacles

Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, countertenor and opera director is once again joining forces with producer and curator Laurens Mariën. Spectacles becomes a performative concert that takes the form of a ritual starring a jester - a common symbol in Meirhaeghe's work. In Spectacles the duo wonders to what extent we can install new love rituals and thus also take a look at another society. With the help of classical and contemporary pop music, dance and stage design, they transform reality into a more surreal ideal. The shades in style and themes create a freak ultra-musical ritual that transforms past, present and future into a reshuffled mystery. A call to new spectacles and experiences.

MUSIC Laurens Mariën and Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe
DRAMATURGY AND TEXT Louise van den Eede and Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe
DANCE Hanako Hayakawa
MIX Jasper Segers