Benjamin Vandewalle & HYOID Voices - Journal d'un usager de l'espace

The practices of choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle, vocal ensemble HYOID and composer Maija Hynninen come together with a project about the book Espèces d’espaces by Georges Perec. The book takes us on a basal, poetic and almost spiritual discovery of spaces that surround us and are often overlooked. The piece uses a similar approach. By working with sound, space and movement, the project wants to let you experience sound in a spatial way, inviting the audience to think differently about sound and space.

Concept: Benjamin Vandewalle – Hyoid voices – Maija Hynninen
Choreography: Benjamin Vandewalle
Singers/performers: Hyoid voices (Fabienne Seveillac & Andreas Halling)
Music composition: Maija Hynninen
Technical coordination: Centre Henri Pousseur
Lights: tbc
Costumes: Moni Wespi

Residencies: Kunstenwerkplaats – KWP, STUK, Walpurgis, Walter Werkplaats
Executive production: Caravan Production
Co-production: Centre Henri Pousseur, Concertgebouw Brugge, Kaaitheater, Madetoja
Foundation, Platform 0090
With the support of: Cohort productions