Inga Hákonardóttir - Anybody’s Soft

First weeks in the creation of Anybody's Soft, a concert performance by Inga Hákonardóttir in collaboration with Yann Leguay.

Anybody’s Soft celebrates malleability, materiality and soft hardness in its format, flucuating between dance, performance and concert. We are contemplating intimate realities and paradoxes that arise from the search for authentic experiences and intimacy.

We are staging a desire to connect as well as highlighting the inseparability of things; how everything is connected in unexpected ways. Textures translate themselves from body to the voice, from material to sound and back to the body.

In a playful and poetic prose poem performed on a steady beat made live on stage with various laborious actions we make sense of authentic experiences and the lack them. In this residency we will experiment with different objects and materials for the one of the main rolls of the performance; the beat, the base sound, the percussion, and the movement generator. We will experiment with wood chopping, stone breaking, buckets on subwoofers in our search for malleable and versatile instruments.