Laura Kirshenbaum - No Hard Feelings (working title)

No Hard Feelings (working title) is a solo work, part of an extended physical research entitled the H.A.N.D.

The physical research explores the virtuosity of the hand as a complex system of signs, symbols and an everyday gestural producer and communication transmitter.the diverse hand gestures I embody ,shape the body’s movement, it’s attitude and voice manners.

I am interested in exploring a variety of situations where multiple happenings take place:

A correlation between gesture ,voice and action, discorrelation between the three and the gap that is being created between the two distinct modes of being ;

A call for an uncanny ,dense environment in which meaning and meaningless, reality and dream, recognisable and ambiguous are being woven into one another.

No Hard Feelings is a conceptual continuation of my previous solo WORD! Je te donne ma parole (2018) , in which the index finger was the center of attention. The solo was invited to perform in Meeting festival in Israel, STOFF fringe festival in Stockholm and Magdalena in Montpellier .

Laura Kirshenbaum (born 1986) is an Israeli dancer and choreographer, currently lives and works in Montpellier,France. She takes part in ’Creative Crossroads’ program ,a Life Long Burning initiation and accompanied by the choreographic center of ICI-CCN Montpellier (ICI-CCN ,artistic direction: Christian Rizzo) Currently developing her new solo piece and collaborating with the choreographers Eve Chariatte (CH) and Laurent Pichaud (FR). She holds MA in choreography from EXERCE program in partnership with Montpellier university, at ICI-CCN Montpellier (2016-2018). She is a danceWEB recipient of 2016 . She studied dance at SMASH ( physical experimental program, Berlin), Yasmeen Godder’s workshop and the Kibbutz dance school (Israel). Since 2014, she is a member of the Israeli performance and research group ‘Public Movement’ and worked with Ido Feder, Nir Vidan, Orian Michaeli among other Israeli choreographers.