Sooraj Subramaniam - Pallavi

Sooraj is currently investigating the intersections between Indian and western contemporary techniques with the aim to arrive at something personal and hybrid, and in the process hopes to demystify the highly-coded gestural languages of Indian dance. Folding together his love for language, poetry and movement, he is working towards a full-length autobiographical solo, led primarily by movement investigations, and including text and digital media.

Artist/director - Sooraj Subramaniam
Production - Maghenta vzw, Ghent (Ayla Joncheere & Laura Neyskens)

Sooraj Subramaniam is an Australian-Belgian dance artist of Malaysian-Indian heritage, fluent in the Indian classical dances styles of Bharatanatyam and Odissi, and also ballet and contemporary forms. He situates his work in hyphenated identities, drawing heavily on poetic styles and choreographic templates from Indian dance. Whilst not expressly political, his work attempts to defy narrow labels such as classical or urban, traditional or contemporary, and sits somewhere in the middle of them all.