Artefact Sound — full programme

Festival for adventurous music in STUK

After 1,5 years of renovations, STUK reopens its doors with Artefact festival. In addition to the Artefact expo The Ecstatic Being, Artefact Sound offers once again a stage to innovative musicians and sound artists. Inspired by the theme of ecstasy, this edition focuses on escapism, rituals and repetition in music.

Second wave:
Afrorack — Afrorack — Alto Fuero — Avalanche Kaito — Egidius — Ensemble Nist-Nah — OJOO GYAL — OM Unit presents ‘Acid Dub Studies’ — Use Knife — Vincent Moon & Mohammad Reza Mortazavi

First wave:
Charlemagne Palestine & Seppe Gebreurs — Bendik Giske — Klein — Crystallmess — Dienne — Grid Ravage — Holsen & Cassiers — Hans Beckers — ssaliva — Slagwerk — Otis