Florentina Holzinger


Florentina Holzinger invariably creates explosive and brutal performances in which she draws inspiration from disciplined activities such as kickboxing, ballet, weightlifting or acrobatics. Apollon is an unorthodox reworking of Balanchine’s eponymous neoclassical ballet, with an entirely female cast. The story revolves around Apollo, the Greek god of art.

Six women launch their physical virtuosity into battle to dethrone Apollo and tackle the neoliberal body cult. Florentina Holzinger combines the freak show of the fin de siècle with the live art of the sixties, thereby challenging the boundaries between art and entertainment. Her new feminine perspective on Balanchine’s choreography attracts controversy and international resonance.


by Florentina Holzinger | with Renée Copraij, Evelyn Frantti, Florentina Holzinger, Annina Lara Maria Machaz, Xana Novais, Maria Netti Nüganen & Stephan Schneider | music Stephan Schneider | dramaturgy Sarah Ostertag | production Campo
Wed 13 Feb 20:30 - 22:20
Thu 14 Feb 20:30 - 22:20


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